Rachel Laundon Art

Ringo: Octopus Collaboration with Vermont Finders Keepers Artist Keith Mailhotte March 04 2016

 Introducing my 4th Collaborative Art piece.....Ringo! This stunning, many armed wall sculpture will transport any room in your home into an Octopus's garden. Seriously, I can not get enough of Keith's egg shell art. They are pure magic and super addicting! For those who don't know, Mailhotte carves collectible ostrich, emu, and goose egg shells, gourds and other curious items. Hundreds of which he has curated into elaborate scavenger hunts across Vermont. I have...

Fire Eater Trout: A Fish Collaboration with Abstracts by Emily March 01 2016

I am a toucher... I'm the kid at the art show being scolded "look with your eyes!"... I first came into contact with Emily Culver's vivid, intricately patterned, and deliciously tactile artwork while doing an art drop at Waterbury's Stowe Street Café. I immediately fell in love with Emily's paintings. Her bold use of color, geometric shapes, intricate patterns, circles within circles, dots, and swirls that literally jump/bump off the canvas.  I knew I had to touch them. I also cocked my head and thought...
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