Fire Eater Trout: A Fish Collaboration with Abstracts by Emily March 01 2016

I am a toucher... I'm the kid at the art show being scolded "look with your eyes!"... I first came into contact with Emily Culver's vivid, intricately patterned, and deliciously tactile artwork while doing an art drop at Waterbury's Stowe Street Café.

I immediately fell in love with Emily's paintings. Her bold use of color, geometric shapes, intricate patterns, circles within circles, dots, and swirls that literally jump/bump off the canvas.  I knew I had to touch them. I also cocked my head and thought "Hey, that artwork would look really great on a fish..." thus the collaboration idea was hatched and Emily agreed! I sculpted and primed a trout and gave it to her to take back to her studio and paint. We met a few weeks later and I was blown away! I quickly cut, hammered, oxidized and attached his copper fins. 

I call him Fire Eater. In his face I see a tribal vibe, maroon triangles burst from the trout's firey glass eye while red swirls play on his cheeks and nose. His gills are a cool river of aqua blue. Raised yellow dots run along the flanks and flow between meticulously painted droplets of flame in varietal oranges that are carefully outlined in raised blue paint. But I think Emily would agree with this quote by Edgar Degas "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."

Fire Eater Trout is currently for sale and on display along with other of both Emily's and my artwork at Waterbury's Stowe Street Cafe for $365 

View more of Emily's work on her Etsy Shop or her Facebook page!