Ringo: Octopus Collaboration with Vermont Finders Keepers Artist Keith Mailhotte March 04 2016

 Introducing my 4th Collaborative Art piece.....Ringo!

This stunning, many armed wall sculpture will transport any room in your home into an Octopus's garden. Seriously, I can not get enough of Keith's egg shell art. They are pure magic and super addicting! For those who don't know, Mailhotte carves collectible ostrich, emu, and goose egg shells, gourds and other curious items. Hundreds of which he has curated into elaborate scavenger hunts across Vermont. I have included a link to an episode of Stuck in Vermont below featuring his unique business. It is a fun watch! Ringo is our second Octopus, this egg shell Keith had chromed by Cosmic Chrome out of Canada which I used as the Octopus bulbous mantel.

The base of his body is created from wood, I attached the egg with a two part epoxy and used Skratch-which is an architectural clay- to sculpt his protruding eyes, powerful body and twirling tentacles with their many...many succubus. I painted him with acrylics in a poisonous pallet of silver and brass metallic, reds, and purples then reverse painted his intelligent eyes onto glass cabochons.

20"x 20"x 5" Ringo is signed and ready to hang. We will include a certificate of authenticity along with purchase. View Ringo in the Rachel Laundon Art store.



Feel free to email me at rachel@rachellaundon.com or call 802-999-3646 if you have
any questions.

Visit Curiosity Heirlooms to view more of Keith's treasures and join the fun at Vermont Finders Keepers. 

Stuck in Vermont episode featuring Vermont Finders Keepers.