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Commissions & Custom Work

Aside from her current body of work, Rachel Laundon has created custom pieces of art for both individuals and organizations, ranging from small accents to large wall installations. Rachel is always looking for new pieces to create so don't be shy. Reach out to request a custom piece that will fit your unique space and aesthetic.

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Lead Times

Lead times on custom work vary depending on Rachel's backlog and the size and details of your piece. Generally speaking, a custom fish will take about two weeks. The Pie-casso piece below took 4 months because of the level of detail and size (its BIG). November and December are very busy months so if you are looking to commission a piece for Christmas please contact me as soon as possible. 

 Recent Commissions

Custom Art Vermont | Rachel Laundon | Waterbury Veterinary Hospital  Waterbury Veterinary Hospital:  The Open/Closed sign for the outside of the WVH was commissioned by friends and family of Emily Crawford DVM for the grand opening of the WVH. I also created a coat rack for them, as well.
Custom Art Vermont | Rachel Laundon Art | Vermont Ale House Vermont Ale House: The Vermont Ale House commissioned a fun beer tap handle pull in the form of their logo - a copper stag - for their house brewed ginger beer which featured glowing red LED eyes.
Custom Art Vermont | Rachel Laundon Art | The Alchemist The Alchemist: They commissioned a work of art created from one of their old beer brewing tanks. It is currently featured at their cannery.

Custom Art Vermont | Rachel Laundon Art | Maxi's Restaurant
Maxi's Restaurant: Owner, Tom Bryant, purchased my first piece of ski art, which was inspired by vintage ski posters and my husband, who is an amazing skier. It is displayed in the restaurant.
Custom Art Vermont | Rachel Laundon Art | Piecasso Pizzeria and Lounge  Piecasso Pizzeria and Lounge: They commissioned framed original paintings for the restaurant - “Pizzafied Picasso’s” - and a large relief sculpture wall installation inspired by The Three Musicians. I added a fourth - created from wood, metal, and re-purposed objects.
Custom Art Vermont | Rachel Laundon Art | Blue Paddle Bistro Blue Paddle Bistro: A few years ago Mandy Hotchkiss, the co-owner of the Blue Paddle Bistro with chef Phoebe Bright, commissioned me to create a custom dog portrait sculpture of her beautiful German Wirehaired Pointer Wyeth. Over the years our friendship and her paddle pup family grew - she now has three German Wirehaired Pointers Wyeth, her little brother Watson, and an adorable new little pup named WyNott. My fish sculptures swim all over the Blue Paddle walls, and the original portrait sculpture has been evolving with each new family addition.
Custom Art Vermont | Rachel Laundon Art | Waterbury Farmers Market Waterbury Farmers Market: The "Radish Farmer" has a radish of a head while he entices locals and tourists to swing by the Waterbury Farmers Market to enjoy locally grown fruits and vegetables as well as free range meats and amazing arts and crafts. 


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